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  1. CaptainKubla

    @radioheadftw123 Actually mate, you’re right. Both sides were being knobheads, and I had just come back from the pub when I made that comment so I take it back actually. Fact remains it was a Darlington fan who punched the little brunette steward lass in the head (as reported by both Darlington and Newcastle local press), and the ‘pitch invasion’ was initially a joke. Still, no excuse for bellendery on either side.

    I’ll let you off cos you like Radiohead lol (fucking top band). So there you go

  2. CaptainKubla

    The Darlo cunts HIT A LASS……Unforgivable……Of course there is going to be a fucking KICK OFF.

    Lads V Lads However,……Fair play. Lets see who the fucking HARD CUNTS really are.

  3. blablapd

    MORONS!!!! Wont be so funny if we get docked points for the new campaign or fined which would no doubt come out of our obviously limited transfer funds, no excuse dont care if it was “harmless” to begin with, nobody should of went on the pitch full stop, every single d**k head who went on wants banned for life, we cant even travel to support our team now so theres the famous “twelth man” gone aint it, nice one scum bags, disgrace to the shirt club and city.

  4. deanhill1995

    @liamwitdre yet, if you lot hadn’t invaded the pitch in the first place, it wouldn’t have happened. Not that it makes it an excuse to hit a lass. I concede to you on that one then mate.

  5. deanhill1995

    @toonarmy4ever1021 and the rest of you were cheering him on, and others were kicking then running away like pussies. would have been different if it was any club from the Championship.

  6. deanhill1995

    @n974kpv Couldn’t agree more mate.
    Geordie trouble is put down to ‘loyalty’ – like they invaded the pitch and smacked a female steward because they were supporting their shitty club? HA!
    bastards, the lot of ’em.

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