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  1. Nickfan7

    Hark now hear the Geordies
    sing that sunderland ran away
    and we will fight forever more
    since after news year dar

  2. rob032

    @scrapperreed wish I could have been watching football back then. Seemed much more real than what we get nowadays!

  3. GlennCleave

    Fond memories, 25 years ago!!!! (thanks to True faith for this link) The atmosphere was incredible and don’t forget that Howard Gayle turned out in black & white for us whilst on loan from Liverpool. The Tyne v Wear derby has more passion and love than the TV/media hyped up sh1t of the manchester, liverpool and london derbies, which have their rivalry, but it is nothing ike this. It is one of the greatest sporting spectacles on Earth!!!!

  4. markfacthunt

    The rascist abuse that day (against Bennett and Gayle) was the worst I have ever experienced as a football supporter. Thankfully, NUFC seem to have cleaned up their act these days.

  5. ecopunk66

    Aye memoreies of decades of beating makems and invading various parts of roker park!, mainly the fuckwit end in 85!

  6. scrapperreed

    What do I mean? I mean there was standing and people singing themselves hoarse. Scoring a goal in those days meant people jumped around literally and got hurt in the process. You go nowadays and there are more people but a lot of them are families and posh people and people that know nowt about football. You cheered on local heroes not mercenary overrated prima donnas that get a lip on when they’re dropped. In crowds like that it felt like you’d played in the match.

  7. pdtrading

    Hark now hear
    The Geordies sing
    And Sunderland ran away
    And we will fight
    Forever more
    because of New Years Day

  8. scrapperreed

    I was there in the flag. Had to get a lift there was no buses that day. Brilliant atmosphere, not like that nowadays which is a shame

  9. matgood929

    poor sunderland. both those penalties were iffy!
    never the less, mthe magpies would of prevailed

  10. thescallywags

    Thanks for this. This was my first derby game and still my favoutite at St James. They went down that season under Ashurst and we finished 14th, but back then that was acceptable.

  11. ianc123

    Magnificent! Remember the game like it was yesterday. Walked to the match from Felling & danced back again after a canny night on Percy Street.

  12. doddlesock

    thanks for posting, a missed a lot of games in the mid 80s a was living in sydney,got to see mighty mouse kevin play 3 games for blacktown,a local sydney team about the stature of pelaw club, geordies from every part of australia and even a few loonz from new zealand flew in for those games,great memories

  13. Elliswils

    We would love to win something,love to win anything in fact.We dont have to pick up silverware to be north east number 1.We are not as good as some.But we are better than you.

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