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  1. CardinalDextrous83

    Great times. I’m a toon fan, and this vid almost makes me cry with joy about how good we were.

    We may not have the squad we did then but look at our results this season.

    NUFC 4-4 Arsenal
    NUFC 3-1 Liverpool
    NUFC 6-0 Villa
    NUFC 5-0 West Ham
    NUFC 5-1 Scumderland
    Everton 0-1 NUFC
    Arsenal 0-1 NUFC

    We ARE the entertainers again. Loving this season.

  2. Flashgamershelp1991

    @IC0NxG4MER lol we lost to man city tottenham and man utd 😛
    we wont win this season
    this is the plan 😛
    2010/2011 top 10
    2011/2012 europa league qualify
    2012/2013 fa cup and league title

    😛 now that would be great

  3. IC0NxG4MER

    OMG we are gonna win the permier league lol, hopefully… i mean we owned sunderland and atm they are like 6th or somet so thats a load of shit

  4. pudsybearisababe09

    great goals…i feel proud..but you missed Emre’s freekick against sunderland to make it 3-2 to us :)..were gonna finish in the top ten this year i guarantee..NUFC for life !!

  5. GamerGuide15

    they may have got relegated but there still a massive club the point in the right direction eg. new owner they will be back in bussiness

  6. warpfield98

    4:15 yes that was Steven Carr but he was definitely not playing for Newcastle, might be wise to change that

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