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  1. MrJackMorson

    @Themetaknightdreamer You should totally come to St James’! If you make the trip, only one match you have to see. Tyne-Wear Derby, at St James’, in the Gallogate End. You’ll be slightly amazed at the atmosphere, nothing like what you see on television.

  2. MrJackMorson

    @xXergosumXx Wasn’t commenting on the size of the ground, commenting on the atmosphere and the amazing feeling people will get. Believe me, I was at the Tyne-Wear Derby, atmosphere was incredible.

  3. nozlrecordingsuk

    Great words from the U.S. fans. Great that the club have organised it. (shame about Barton, Ranger and Cabaye) but that could have happened in any country really.

  4. xXergosumXx

    @johnl151 lol but they are occupied by football teams that aren’t even of the professional level. And honestly if you talk to anyone who knows anything about ‘soccer’ in the united states they call it football or footie just as easily. Its only when you talk to the person who doesn’t know football does it get confusing.

  5. johnl151

    @xXergosumXx Yes but none of them are occupied by ‘soccer’ teams that get 50,000+ fans every game. And I bet st james’ is louder than any of those stadiums on game day

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