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  1. Erech01

    Top of the league, leading by 4 points, manager has won 3 awards for the job he is doing. Chairman is from London so its not suprising. Socred roughly 1 goal on average this season, conceded only 10 in 19 games. No tablets needed!

  2. mta89kurd

    This is bull crap. They here and audio and they claim it. Like someone just commented, only NUFC fans can claim it and thats who put it on Youtube. Dam Youtube.

  3. ulinsky90

    I’ve loved this club since I was a kid.I would really feel awfoul if the they were thrown out of the ligue.

    It’s been one of the best clubs in England since ever.
    NEWCASTLE you gotta win!

    Grettings from Bosnia

  4. spartacist1471

    wtf? how is that song copyrighted nobody even owns the rights to it apart from some nufc fans, not like they would complain about youtube having their song is it?

  5. IrnBruWkd

    True Newcastle Fans bleed Black and White, if we go down WE WILL STILL SUPPORT

    Premier or Championship there is only one worthy North East Team – Newcastle United.


  6. liamgee08

    hea im a geordie me self but dont get to confident we all na wht happend last time .. if we lose we lose as long as some mackem bastard gets his legs snapped in 2 🙂 thats all 🙂

  7. Wapitup

    joesafc your accent isnt much different to ours you horrible cunt so stop saying you cant understand us! you mean you cant understand yourself you imbred mef!

  8. scruffysteve

    thats right you sad mackem bastard we are shit but look at league table where are yous???? yes below us so what does that make yous? fucking dickhead

  9. geordieradji

    geordie nd proud SMB SMB feb 1st toon-3 scum-0 hahaha dirty money cunts gan shag ya ma ya imbred bastads!!! SMB SMB

  10. GeordieFC

    why the hell are u searchin for newcastle things then u stupid mackem twats go and get a life, well thrash yas at st. james’s and remind me who is higher in the table, oh yes, US! So FUCK OFF YOU TWATS!!!

  11. joesafc

    fukin geordies! u can’t even understand them. Theyve got a shit team and always will do. orrrrr and by the way mike ashley u are doin a great job. F.T.M

  12. Tenchirocks

    lol 2-1 isnt kickin our artse m8 id say 2-0 or 4-1 was much much beter nd the free kick yas scored the daft cheatin mackem dived u’s cant even play it fairly man i wouldnt be proud of me team if they hack and dive remember wen yas hacked shearer yas only did it coz he cud torture any team u have ever had and will ever have ya stupid mackem retard

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