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    I liked Owen first season, when he was with shearer, but after that he became a complete wanker.

  2. panus23

    Michael Owen is a money grabbing twat, that was only ever bothered about himself and not the club, good riddance

  3. domy449

    Owen is the only acception to the ”score against Sunderland-hero for ever” rule

    Then again, the header at home in 07/08 as a beauty.

    And then again, Owen is a tosser.

  4. geordiemicky1

    when owen played, majority of the time he would do well but some games he wouldnt, sadly he rarely played.

  5. blacknwhite4life

    was this owen’s only good game for newcastle? im struggling to think of any others- but of course this was before his long string of injuries i suppose

  6. USloyal2009

    Its ok geordies, I’m an american fan and i know that the NUFC will come back to the Premier league with a vengeance and dominate for the cup. GO UNITED!!!!!

  7. proudy666

    Glad Owen is gone. His heart was never in the club, only the £120k. I mean, commuting in a helicopter speaks volumes of the mans priorities. He’ll not have as many injuries at Man U, will he? That £120k will pay the wages of players that would kill their granny to get into the team!!

  8. supershearer9kingkev

    I was there. One of the most enjoyable and nerve wrecking games I watched!!! But a great win. Good job there owen. But glad to finally see him fuck off and take his bloody wages somewhere else. You filthy cunt

  9. MrAdamsmith14

    i love nufc but owen u better fuck off as well mufc thts more wages 4 som1 thts goin 2 get a goal every year thank god he is gone

  10. nathan0578

    Thanks Geordie Liam07, I take it that 07 is your I Q. As a newcastle fan for over 60 years it sickens me to see a so called fan using this language to answer another idiot. For goodness sake use what little brain you have to think of a suitable put down and not just show everybody how totaly ignorant you are.Sad to say your not alone,it is easy to just use all the dirty words you’ve seen on toilet walls than use a little inteligence,but please try it ,it will give you so much more satisfaction.

  11. ulinsky90

    I’ve loved this club since I was a kid.I would really feel awfoul if the they were thrown out of the ligue.

    It’s been one of the best clubs in England since ever.
    NEWCASTLE you gotta win!

    Grettings from Bosnia

  12. Almirsjm

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