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  1. joe89nufc

    since our relegation we have won the championship first time of asking,

    beat aston villa 6 – 0

    beat sunderland 5 – 1

    beat west ham 5 – 0

    beat liverpool 3 – 1

    and have been in the top 10 of the PL after 23 games played 🙂

  2. TheMagpieGeordie

    Is it fuck over!!! Were BACK!! and with a BANG! 6-0AVFC, 5-1SAFC, 1-0AFC

    HOWAY THE LADS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. NufcMart

    @7oy ther support aint as good as ares. Spurs just chuft cos they have Van der Vaart now. We beat everton and battered villa. So were the only ones out of the 4 clubs u named that are singing right now

  4. MegaToonarmy

    @7oy I am from Mexico and I love Newcastle. so don’t think there are newcastle fans in the uk only. I’d love to see a game live but I don’t think I’ll be able to. at least for now. XD

  5. tattoconga

    @7oy Not only in ireland and Uk, im from southamerican and i like the team as well, and i now a few guys from the U:S who love the team

  6. toonarmy1992

    @7oy i am a newcaslt fan, and i never say we have the best supporters or the most, ranted we have a lot but all teams have the best supports because every club has that select few wich stick with them through think and thin, clubs like manu get slated for having plastic fans but even they have hardcore fans aswell.

  7. longfieldlad

    and we are back up were we belong and we will be staying thre and beating manchaester united and the rest there are alot of worst teams in the premier league now and we have andy corroll on form and kevin nolal and routlage

  8. warpfield98

    i believe that any team in the premiership who can fill their stadium week in week out regardless of their position in the table have great supporters. so not Sunderland then ahaha

  9. marko0191

    just read this now, howay the lads was originally a newcastle saying smart arse, check your history you retard ! what is it with you mackems ? truth be told youre just a boil on me arse ! goodnight and godbless.


    If I wanted a top player to come play for newcastle i’d show them this video. Have beaten established teams in the past and could very easily do it again…

  11. 7oy

    Newcatsle United have fantastic support home and away no doubt about that and have fans all over the uk and ireland

    But give clubs like spurs, everton and aston villa credit too because they also have

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