Newcastle United Memories

The memories of the enterainers =D. The excellent previous days when we DIDNT get relagated and we went up from division two! With a lil help from King Kevin Keegan, Sir Bobby Robson (RIP Legend), John Hall, Freddie Shepard, Alan shearer, Andy Cole, Les ferinand, Peter Beardsly and the relaxation. With no support from rude hulliet and ashely can go die….

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    @welshtoon86 what about michal owen? he scored a good few goals did he not, or do newcastle fans not like him as he sort of bailed out on them and was kinda selfish or something.

  2. ctommonufc

    @sligo74 Small time mackem. You’d cream yourself if your team was half as good as some of the teams we’ve seen over the years. See you on Sunday, i bet you’ll be at St. Peters in a pair of Avec tracky bottoms and an ebay Stone Island jacket – like the rest of the fucking mongs that populate the stadium of shite!

  3. russelNUFC

    @sligo74 Not to mention we beat beat yous 5-1 a few weeks ago. Yous are nothing but a shadow to us, even Boro are a bigger club than Sunderland and their sitting in the championship. Go and watch your crappy little Sunderland videos you mong.

  4. russelNUFC

    @sligo74 So you’re telling me that Sunderland is the biggest club in the NE? haahaha. Anwser this for me, what have Sunderland done in the past?, lets say the last 15years ok? FUCKING NOTHING!, just been floating around inthe botton half of the table and braking records for the lowest points total, pathetic. Newcastle have been in the tital race, finishing in the top4, playing in the champions league v teams like Barca, Milan and Juve, something Sunderland could only dream ov.

  5. TheMagpieGeordie

    @sligo74 kk i cba getting with stats but .. we have most wins over you lot and trophys, 1st biggest … PET!


  6. dollyholz

    Newcastle thugs yeh m8,can’t remember the last time a Newcastle player nearly broke sume1s leg like ur fuckers do,u lot have 2 practice wot u fukin preach!!!!

  7. generouspeasant

    Maybe one day we will see better days again.

    You never know all you need is about 300 million . fuck it

  8. Yvkhamt

    With Liverpool and Boro,this is my favourite too…But I really liked the Ginola’s,Ferdinand and Asprilla’s period…

  9. drchungi


    What is “their sorts”? Would you like to elaborate without sounding like a complete dickhead.

  10. jazzanufc9

    the best toon video classic memories of the greatest pure footbaling team to ever come from england…….. we may not have won a thing but id much rather watch a team nev er win a thing the a boring team win it all……… htwl

  11. FlowerintheBottle

    Newcastle… Such a great club… The only one who broke top 4, good old times in Champions League, miss that moments, hope that fat fag will sell the club to a better Chairman.

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