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  1. SuperTruth77

    Where’s the bit where they shamelessly take money from the UK Taxpayer (via Northern Rock)? Best bit of scrounging off the taxpayer ever- and Newcastle’s seen a fair amount over the years!

  2. jjherd

    2 all makems hu keep on sayin 2-1 …
    well done.. u beat us..took ya time over it didnt ya
    30 years or sumthing lyk that since u had beat us on home soil
    how many times hav the amkems been relegated
    i lost count
    u makem twats

  3. tabaloany

    I have to say the crowd scenes are incredible, but you haven’t won anything since McMilan was PM

  4. crazycliff1

    oh fuckin hell
    what fuckin history
    you’ve won fuck all for 50 years
    you bunch of bar coded retards.

  5. kevphillips02

    Red & white army.
    Fucking crying half wits at villa.
    When i get time, i will upload my film of all the crying geordies at villa crying like babys

  6. 7CRO7

    come on man,stop it.i’m not a very big fan of newcastle,but i am.stop laughing.everybody has their moment of darkness.we will see when sunderland will be begging god for staying in premiership,while newcastle will be destroying everybody.

  7. Gameface1

    your a sunderland fan watching a newcastle video.
    what are u doing?
    love the use of remedial must make u feel really big.

  8. bov1984

    Yes because im going to listen to you aren’t i you fucking twat, and who is her? Do you mean their team you remedial fuckwit.

  9. bov1984

    Haha fucking sad toon fuckers, not so lippy are you these days are you, no permanent manager, no buyers, second bottom, beaten off your local rivals haha twats!

  10. arrivaandy

    i hear newcastle ushited are going to run onto the pitch at home matches to the classic monty python song allways look on the bright side of life

  11. Gameface1

    u see u tards from the south on about using knifes. up north u use ur fists lad. thats the difference. only skint muggers use knifes.

  12. ashingtoon

    We don’t need fuckers like you to tell us what state we are in fucking yoyo boy. Come on here next week after we tank you irish cunts at the stadium full of total and utter shite at the weekend… can’t wait… SMB twat.

  13. ashingtoon

    How man sad twat wor little pit village produced TWO WORLD CUP WINNING PLAYERS what’s the shit hole you fester in produced?, fucking blade me what an imature fucker you are, i’m shaking in me boots fook me… also… please put your spell check on fucking retard.

  14. titusluiggi

    But you replied so I must have hit a nerve eh. You know I’m right and thats why it hurts you sooo bad. Havent a clue eh ? 2 draws and everyone thinks you are on the up. Down you go, with west brom and hull doing well it looks like you and Spurs waving bye bye to the premier league. hahahahahahahahahahahahahha

  15. arrivaandy

    why not show gazza at his best,i mean when he played for the tottenham,,did he win anything while at newcastle ushited ???,a decent manager like venables made him better than he was at the cartoon ground

  16. arrivaandy

    hi ashington ,i know that is a old pit village up your end of the shit heap,but i am further sowth than perters and lee,,i would blade you for that insult,rather be a mackum than a geordie and thats saying something

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