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  1. BacchusAdoneus

    Ahhh those were the days…
    NUFC were the best team in that 95-97 era, footballing-wise; there wasn’t a team in the world with the heart & flair that we had. True Premier League historians will know that Newcastle Utd were the originators of style in that division -then came the flamboyant ideologies of Man Utd & Arsenal, & now Spurs.
    But NUFC got there first & were perhaps the first English team to demonstrate entertaining football…

  2. Messi33a

    @splvnufc enjoying our scousers in ur team now u turd,stop talking shit u bellend we aint ur rivals

  3. besly988

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  4. splvnufc

    @gang1337grace not complaining but we became a bad team when some scouse basterd came sold 6 players ( from our starting 11 ) bought 2 older players and then left later that season then ruud gullit came sold the 2 new players and some other of our old ones and left i mean seriously who lets a scouser be in charge of newcastle thats like putting a geordie like shearer as manger of sunderland :S

  5. gang1337grace

    newcastle united i remember was a good team what happened now i cant even see it on pro 2009…

  6. konghelpman

    used to have best team in england and now look at us 🙁 hopefully over a few seasons we get great players again TOONARMY

  7. silvioita

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  8. atourdeforce

    i hole-heartedly agree its lovely for the opposition to come on here and give credit where credit is due, instead of some bloody heathen fool, going “ooh ye got lucky ye are crap” ect ect… thanks man united however much i dont like them are a fabulous team, i jus wish ye coulda gave us 96, many will argue tho we gave it to ye, none the less they were some great years football was better back then,lets hope we can get back to that level, however unlikely with teams like chelsea and man city.

  9. oolib89

    I love Andy Gray’s “oh dear” when he realises that he was wrong and the ball has crossed the line for the first goal.

  10. modestmouse7

    on behalf of newcastle fans, thank you. You played pretty well when you thrashed us 6-2 as well. It’s a refreshing change to read what you said after all the comments you get on here.

  11. aerobes0

    I’m a Man U fan and I love this video, Phillipe Albert goal was just class, I can appreciate good football and we got soundly beaten that day, Hope you get back in the Prem soon.

  12. Teveh

    I’m sick of people talking about Big Sam like he was the only person who could have kept us up. Keegan could easily have kept us up as well. Sure he should take some of the blame for walking out but then again maybe Ashley shouldn’t have put Wise in charge, our paid £6 mill for a shit player we didn’t need, or loan another player we didn’t need as a favour to a South American Agent.

    Also, Albert’s Goal is probably my favourite Newcastle Goal.

  13. ajbourne1000

    I’m a massive toon fan , great vid with greAt use of quotes , we may be in CC but I think it will do us some good , weed out the dead wood and give young players some experience , there are some teams in premier league who can’t even get 25,000 fans in , but the mighty toon average 35,000 everyweek . Plus I think chris is doing a great job

  14. valma1208

    this game is slightly before my time.. but the greatest game i have ever went to was when newcastle played man utd and won 4-3.. best game and best atmosphere ever!

  15. macjakedom

    As a NUFC supporter this game makes me sick to the stomach because we will probably never see this happen again. What a team we had back then. Now we are a CC club struggling to put out a full strength team. Our bench consists of mostly young kids who are not yet ready BECAUSE we do not have the numbers to have an experienced bench but for a rich business man who has dragged the club to the pits. We are light years behind Man utd, Arsenal, Chelsea,Man City and Liverpool. aswell other EPL clubs.

  16. keraunophile

    poor spelling, ironic username and ignorant of the provenance of who’s running Newcastle United ergo who put Shearer in charge.
    Is the mother you’re referring to your own? because that would explain quite a bit.

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