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  1. borderharley

    I posted this the day we went down ,when everybody wrote us off..check it out, I said we would be back ..only the faithfull would stay …..the rest would go ..well they went as they did not have the faith and I hope they stay away… because we soon will be back day a long way away we will be back at the very top …KEEP THE FAITH..or F@ck off

  2. bethanylou2007

    hi, can anyone help me, we’ve just moved to the tyneside area from cumbria and need somewhere new to get our smoke/skunk from, but we dont know many people here yet, and the people we do know are not really people we can ask about this…

    Is there anywhere on north tyneside, or close by where we could go to get sorted out easily?….. send us a private message if you can help. thanks.

  3. KodaKumi101

    Great respect back to you my good sir. Good luck to Man United, lets hope two northern teams can win both leagues this season.

    Man United and Newcastle champions 2010.

  4. Kmckeith95

    man u are a load of glory hunters only there cos the teams doin good but newcastle fans dont care what happens and will alwayss support them . PROUD TO BE A GEORDIE

  5. ticamaster

    you can’t continue talking like that we’re English we love football we must have a bit respect for all the teams. I’m a MANU fan but I’ve a great respect on Newcastle’s fans and Newcastle’s players ! Come on everyone you’re acting like Emmanuel Adebayor !!!!!!

  6. liam555

    Man u would have to share a ground with bury or someone else because old trafford the library wouldnt have 76000 forigners queing up outside on a matchday .

    Toon Toon

  7. domy449

    would have been better if you went … I WOULD LOVE IT IF MAN U WENT DOWN … LOVE IT ! 😛

    man utd champions league finalists
    countless premiership champions
    did the triple

    couldnt get shearer and lost 1-0 to burnley 😐

  8. untouchablekev

    80% of man u’s supporters are glory hunters you fukin manc cunts, u lost your best player and recruited a toon reject who made love to the injury table

  9. edwinahh

    well i man eny man u fan that takes the piss out off us is bent wow we got relegeted well come strait back up and i would love to see man u go down

  10. papermariob

    I am a hardcore Man UTD Fan and I live about 1 Mile from Old Trafford, It is NOT my fault my LOCAL football team are so good, Jelious are we.
    YES I know the supporters you mean who live at London etc, Yes I agree THEY ARE TWATS!!

  11. nufc4481

    U ever been to old trafford you shithouse????? I know il be back at SJP next year. Plastic bastard

  12. aqilpro21

    i tell u if man utd go down his supporters will start supporting the other teams i can bet on that

  13. VivalaUsh

    How I knew that one was coming, yes you got to the Champions League Final. But you never answered my question, how long you been supporting them or supporting their sucsses? Untill we go down to League 1, which I can’t see happening (But of course life long Man Utd fan is gonna dissagree and say we’ll be going down next season), then you can say all you like. Still won’t bother me either way, atleast I support a team for the pride and not trophys.

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