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  1. shandahand

    hahahah yesss this is so funny… really good editing too… absolute genius… excellent comedy… sooo good this like absolutely classs

  2. bittenof

    think you mean sunderland.wrong,i hate football full stop.cant think of any other buisness that treats its customers with such contempt.but blind loyalty prevents the fans from seeing it.

  3. ryannichols113

    as well as numerous other European campaigns. To me that was and still is worth the money. If you need to question what any Newcastle fan thinks about the current regime in the Barrack road boardroom then maybe you should change sport?, Do you have a team you support at all? I’m guessing it’s down the A19?. 44,000 fans at home for a mid week clash with Sheffield wed doesn’t show any one to be deluded, just committed to a great football club. Who ever owns it.

  4. ryannichols113

    Well actually if you took the time to check Newcastle has a rich and trophy filled history, you speak of the modern era then we have fallen short yes. However our recent exploits have taken the fans to the champions league on more than one occasion

  5. bittenof

    well when i go to the pictures its £5.50.would you call a £120000pa surgeon a highly paid proffesional and do you think the present administration has any more regard for you than the previous realy are mugs for giving these prima donnas such high wages to play in the case of newcastle anyway,crap if you disagree with that i will say,look at your trophy room,is it a discarded telephone box cos you dont have many,do you.

  6. ryannichols113

    *you’re and *their again.

    Brain dead in what way? Because they want to go and support the team or club they love and be entertained by good football? What makes football different to any other highly paid profession? They’re all in it for the money.

    Not to mention the incident you refer to was during a previous administration so this board as bad as it is, have nothing to do with what was said.

  7. bittenof

    correcting me on my spelling has little impact as it doesnt detract from the fact that most fans are braindead because let me assure you that those players have no loyalty to you.they think your mugs for helping them buy there bentleys and mansions even when the team fails badly.get a reality check!!!!!!!!!!!!!.oh and how did i do wiv the spelin.

  8. bittenof

    is that the newcastle united that had 2 directors insult the fans and there women,left and then came back and all the fans stayed.brain dead comes to mind.


    this just furthermore supports the fact that mackems care more about newcastle do badly then their own team doing well

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