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  1. leadbelly1981

    The F.A is now investigating Mike Ashley for recouping the whole transfer received for Andy Carroll to recover theinvestment he made when buying NUFC intstead of putting it back to the club for new purchases. Hopefully this will blow back on him, caues he deserves it the fat prick. #Why buy NUFC when u are a spurs fan………..WANKER……

  2. leadbelly1981

    Up yours mike ashley!!! remove the one head coach that has got NUFC on the right track replace him with a WANNABE who has done firk all then sell ANDY CaRROLL on the last day of the transfer season so we cant purchase a replacement with the $30 million we got for him. Call yourself a businessman??? Piss off and leave the toon alone!!!!! YOU SHIT ME TO TEARS!!!!

  3. NRGxPHlL

    It goes:
    “What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fucking hell is that?
    What the fucking hell is that.” Several times.

    The chant after that is just “England” chanted many times.

  4. Inquiable

    @leadbelly1981 Same boat mate. I’d love to be at St. James’ park for a Tyne-Wear derby. Hell, I’d even settle for the Stadium of Shite. Though that should be pretty easy, they’ve got 27,000 empty seats.

  5. gazzagamer

    I reckon the one thing that geordies and mackems can agree on is how shit middlesboro fans are. At least geordies and mackems sing for their team. Boro have the worst fans in the league

  6. carlton754

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  7. joel8152

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  8. joel8152

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