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  1. baddacoodoo

    fantastic …You belong in the prem toon …! came up to watch you this season with bristol city 0 0…What a team ..what a stadium ..What a city…!! Howaaay the lads from all at bristol…!!


    Haha, I notice the mackems are conspicuous by their absence this year. I seem to recall much guffawing and piss-taking from them when we went down, but haven’t heard a peep out of them this time round

  3. lrob1979

    @mallugeordie. the players in our team are on more a week than some clubes pay thier players in a year man. so if we didnt win the league we have big problems,

  4. bennbado

    was there in the purple addidas jaket in the 1:27 and 3:00 and more lol was funny pissed that i couldnt sit in the newcastle side but that ment not getting on the pitch but luckly there was no one to stop me running on 😛 lol

  5. bennbado

    i was the one in the purple jaket with the ginger stripes 1:27 and 3:00 gutted i couldnt sit in the newcastle side 🙁 but got on the pitch no problem lol

  6. PCLA7


    Reinstating Geordie Pride across the world
    Newcastle United complete their mission &
    Toon fans salute you – Howaaaay Tha Ladss

  7. SuperCarter95

    ha ha i was there great to see us back up but we will definetlly be bak down nxt season i mean we had to shots and two goals i say pure luck but lets give it a go.

  8. Mag58

    Irob1979 – stop whinging; we’re up – job done. Next season will take care of itself. Are you telling me Blackburn, Wolves, Bolton etc are better than us? I don’t think so.

  9. mattgale69

    @lrob1979 Style & playing wise – probably not – however… this time round – more points, more wins, more goals

  10. lrob1979

    we’ll be straight back doon if we dont get 10 new first team players!! plus ne where near as good as when we won under keegan!!!

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