Newcastle United 5 Manchester United 0

The move for Newcastle’s first began when Beckham gave the ball away to Ginola. He danced past Gary Neville, withstood the barging of Beckham and passed to Ferdinand, whose shot was deflected for a corner. Ginola took it, Shearer outjumped the defence and Peacock headed down towards goal. Irwin scooped the ball away from beneath the bar, but, as television technology was to prove, referee Dunn rightly ruled that it had crossed the goal-line. The inevitable arguments led to Schmeichel’s booking, but, although a Cantona free kick was to float alarmingly close to Srnicek’s own bar, on the half-hour Ginola was to score a sublime second goal, and there was not a semblance of doubt about its quality or its merit. Ginola turned on the left-hand edge of the penalty box and, with his right foot, hit the ball across Schmeichel, angled and arrowed for the inside of the far post. Schmeichel almost had whiplash as he turned, startled, to see the ball go by. A few minutes later, Shearer, from the same distance, struck the base of his post. Now, with Batty ensuring that Newcastle were not beaten, as before, in the competitive area of midfield, one could positively sense the rout. However, Manchester United did not give up, and Beckham provided enough accurate ball from the right for a better finisher than Poborsky to have scored more than once. The hunger in Newcastle, each man speaking afterwards of returning the embarrassment that they felt at Wembley in the Charity Shield, would not
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  1. Masson1903

    Wtf does that hav to do with anything? And i go all the time anyway so your arguement, whatever it was, is fucked @ctommonufc

  2. ctommonufc

    @Masson1903 Come back when you’ve been to your home clubs ground. I don’t know who it is, but i’m willing to wager you’ve never been.

  3. Masson1903

    Thats exactly what it was tho. Get your head out your arse you prick. Go watch both goals again and tell me its not as good.@ctommonufc

  4. ctommonufc

    @Masson1903 The typical modern day sky sports football fan. “fail” version? Do us a favour and fuck off.

  5. Masson1903

    sorry but the 2nd goal looks like a fail version of henrys goal vs united when he chipped it up to the side (whilst holding off a defender) and curled it on the volley into the top corner. however, his goal was one of the best ever so oh well

  6. Futonpotos

    56 Man u fans obviously watch for there team flaws and realise afterwards they were just outclassed that night

  7. elenista500

    i love newcastle united from 1994. i am 29 and unfortunately i havent seen the team playing in saint james park because i am greek.only in one game against panionios for uefa i had seen them playing and it was an amazing feeling.greetings to all newcastle fans arround the world.dam fucking sunderland!!!!!!! michael greece

  8. mrcarlospeartos

    love it when andy gray (always had a thing against the toon) doesnt think the first goals crossed the line then – “oh dear, looks over dun’ it” – moron

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