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  1. mnftoon1975

    love it when merson the drug taking, gambling cockney shite shouts when van persie scores the goal and thompson the scouse prick says offside!!! ha ha ha you cockney scum!!!!

  2. russelltrigger

    Jeff says no one has comeback ever from 4-0 down, but if i remember Port Vale 4-4 QPR, and Vale was 4-0 up at Half Time about 15 years back!! unless Jeff is talking about Premiership……

  3. soundjarvis81

    The best thing about this result is that I was at James’ Park on that day a great game I will never forget in my lifetime!

  4. inghamunitedfc

    @EastBank85 mate, this was one of the best videos ive ever seen, i hope you heard justin lockwoods reaction to it, it was immense great game and a great team who needs carroll when weve got best? shouldve been 5-4 bests goal was on side but i suppose the pen shouldnt have been given NUFC for life!

  5. Shagrat65

    Thanks ever so much for putting this up mate, I was watching a feed of the game at the time and didn’t get to see it.

  6. 1892joe

    I was at the game and glad i stayed to the end.It has to be the greatest game ever in the premier league for me mind. Did you hear Merson at the end when he thought Arsenal had scored HAHAHAHAHA.

  7. BenBronxNYY

    @EastBank85 You have absolutely no need to apologise! Thank you once again. I have linked this video on facebook so you should hopefully get lots of views and I’ve added you to the other channels part of my YouTube page 🙂

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