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  1. maximw1234

    im a keeper and i so want to play for newcastle som day
    im 14 and i play for a really high team in scotland

  2. LordNothingam

    they are in Europe,maybe you mean European competition.I know they have almost no chance of a winning an english cup,but there is always hope.

  3. bobalobs1

    Oops I thought this was a video about a real football team, if only I had known it was Newcastle United 🙂

  4. jsmith19810808

    Hes a real dick, ive never felt that humiliated in all the years i have been a supporter of the club, bring back Sir John, the great man that he is!

  5. LordNothingam

    second league,it’s not that bad.I will still support them.We will be back in no time.I see this as a wake up call.Maybe now they will work harder,and be a better team.Newcastle can even go in Europa League,if they play well in the english league cup,and reach the final.

  6. Newcastleutd0001

    this is the greatest song in th world and i will always support them. Come on the lads

  7. Mellow153

    We re playing shite at the moment but we just have to wait for the summer transfer window so that King Kev can bring in some top players.

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