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  1. watadam20

    Martin Tyler and Andy Gray are fantastic commentators, even though Gray seems to have a certain dislike for Newcastle. Still two very knowledgeable and enthusiastic commentators.

  2. postmasterw00t


    i dont mind when he is enthusiastic, thats the only time hes bearable, same with martin tyler, when hes actually excited hes ok, its just the rest of the game where its utterly dull

  3. warpfield98

    i agree about Andy Gray, i think his enthusiasm is slight embarrassing at times, but Martin tyler is one of the best commentators ever

  4. postmasterw00t


    its subjective pal, ask 100 people some will say hes boring some people will love him like you. personally i think hes boring as fuck and im sick of hearing him when i play the fifa games, him and andy gray are so awful

  5. warpfield98

    he is definitely not a boring commentator. he was voted in the 10 season’s award in the Premiership as the best commentator of the decade. he has a commanding voice.

  6. postmasterw00t


    you mean martin tyler? give me a break hes soooooo boring, hes a terrible commentator

  7. noushitaisa

    Great stuff! To be promoted to the Prem with six games yet to play is a hell of an achievement, out of the clarts & nettles league anyway… Now the icing on the cake is to be promoted as Champions with a record points and goal -diff record. Watch this space!

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