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  1. Hajeh22

    If a Birmingham player scores a goal, he is set free and gets to leave. But it doesn’t happen very often.

  2. liamwitdre

    We got one over on birmingham and we got one over brucey or 4 points to be precise, lick me back.

  3. benjelly100

    @pitkin2323 Funny how we are 8th in the league and about to sign Sebastian Larsson, Birmingham City’s only good player.

  4. dksam07

    shut it birmingham scum we wer shocking back then!!! @least our toilets didnt smashed up by our rivals!!!

  5. Izmattyiz

    So wat if we do lose. We lost our first game to man u 1-0 thn we ended with the best season in the top flight in Birmingham history.

  6. conn3112007

    @tomnufc1 who cares about milners goal u lost 5-1 to the underdogs an u’ll be the underdogs this season only difference is the underdogs will lose

  7. scootbop69

    lol have u sein the team he had owt man solano at right back huntigton pattinson n ramage lol ner wonder got hammered

  8. standrews06

    no but seeing as it was the same team that beat spurs away only 3 days earlier i think its a pretty good result 🙂

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