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  1. SuperTruth77

    A fantastic taxpayer-sponsored season for the taxpayer-sponsored toon!

    So many wonderful taxpayer-sponsored memories & taxpayer-sponsored goals! Here’s to a great taxpayer-sponsored 2010/11 season- this time they can go all the taxpayer-sponsored way!!

  2. Lewisbalmer

    MINT video, i go to the matches but we never look as good as that, apart from when we kicked the scum all ova the place.

  3. grimkreaper

    When you watch it back as a compilation like this, you realize just how many top draw, thunderbolt,’ from down town’, pearling, corking goals the lads scored last season. Just wish they were maintaining it this season.

  4. ryanwilson198

    the most brilliant thing about that season has to be the team spirit, never seen it that good before, and even this season, theres a massive change to the way we usually start premier league seasons, sure we just got beat off blackpool but that can only be counted as a blip, im still very confident we can finish comfortably mid table this year, Howay the Mags!!

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