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  1. lufc4ever1992

    you have to say Plymouth fans and club are brilliant in this video ,Plymouth club with all the songs playing for Newcastle and Plymouth fans clapping Newcastle

  2. I2ogueAlbatross

    Plymouth Fans – Total Gentlemen, Thanks for the warm welcome down there lads! unlucky in getting relegated last season hopefully you’s will bounce back, great calm atmosphere there. Up the toon! Thanks Plymouth!

  3. alex2mitch

    If only it were Argyle this season… Maybe if the Japs had invested at the start of the season as promised we wouldn’t be in such a bad state? I honestly thought in the 2010-11 season Argyle would get promoted back up to the Championship. No thanks to the Japs we aren’t… :@ PAFC4 Life ST holder.

  4. philg345

    @NobbyPAFC dont even let him sit down just tell him to shut the fuck up!!! PLYMOUTH TILL I DIE !!!!!

  5. mike7d7

    @DaNBLackWeLL77 we bought 3,000 on a monday night to sid james park so fuck off and learn english you geordie cunt.

  6. VLCVeNgEnCe

    *TOON FAN* Next Season you will bounce straight back up just like we did 🙂 next time lets just hope its boro down there as they are so far down the championship. respect from a toon fan. Cmon Plymouth

  7. DaNBLackWeLL77

    @NottinghamForest1865 STFU You mug tell you something im a newcastle fan plymouth brong more fans than shitty forest fans they were mixing with the toon just speaking where the fuck were forest half thejourey half the fans stupid dick

    thanks to playmouth for a great night last night great fans

  8. NobbyPAFC

    Well done, you’re only 6 months late you fucking bellend. You wont be laughing when we rip you a new one in a couple weeks time.

  9. leefights

    It was a nice touch what you lot did for us geordies!
    The music at the end etc!
    Hope you have a better season this time round lads…bounce back!

  10. circesprophecy

    @NobbyPAFC As a NUFC fan, Plymouth have one of the most loyal group of supporters ever.

    Not many will travel up to Newcastle, with a certain defeat on the cards, to follow their team through thick and thin!

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