My football fights and fouls top 10

ten. Benjamin Massing vs Claudio Caniggia (Cameroon v Argentina), nine. Lee Bowyer vs Kieron Dyer (Newcastle v Aston Villa), eight. Fernando Derveld vs Randers player (OB v Randers), seven. Roy Keane vs Alf-Inge Haaland (Manchester United v Manchester City), 6. Harald “Toni” Schumacher vs Patrick Battiston (Germany v France), 5. David Navarro vs Nicolas Burdisso (Valencia v Inter Milan), four. Leonardo vs Tab Ramos (Brazil v USA), 3. Olof Mellberg vs Fredrik “Freddie” Ljungberg (instruction ground), 2. Rüstü Reçber vs Kieron Dyer (Turkey v England), 1. Zinedine Zidane vs Marco Materazzi (France v Italy).
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  1. JoeyMondayRefused

    The last one isnt a foul :/
    Not headbutting Materazzi constitutes a foul
    Its an integral part of any match he appears in

  2. TrueLeviathan86

    @mcjuvey1 #
    mcjuvey1 italians are well known for cheating 3 ore fa
    mcjuvey1 no its not cheating its just idiotic 3 ore fa


  3. mcjuvey1

    @TrueLeviathan86 excuse me
    first of all im not a child,
    i did not say anything racist
    and im not insulting anyone
    i was just merley making the point that italians are well known for cheating (diving, fouling, ect)
    if anything your the “bimbo-minkia” your trying to insult me by saying it
    im not racist i do not have problems and i am certainly not poor
    so get your facts right and understand what people are writing before you decide to reply 🙂

  4. TrueLeviathan86

    @mcjuvey1 we call “bimbo-minkia” people like u. (“stupid-child” with internet, used only for insult people behind a screen and far away). Most of these are racist and with problems…poor u! 🙁

  5. TrueLeviathan86

    don’t worry, u understant. And u know also that Blatter is French. Make 2+2 and tell me who is the cheater and who is the player.
    Zidane got a red card only cause Buffon saw him, when Italy got red cards for free in Germany2006 and in Korea2002 (do u remember Moreno?)
    But meybe for u 2+2 makes always 5…like the Radiohead song ahah
    I’M SURE, if Henry was Totti u was so angry with me today… but now Trapattoni didn’t get qualification and we are happy uh??

  6. scottyxander

    I hardly understand what ur trying to say. Ur English is bad. Henry admitted that he handled the ball and he even said the game should be replayed but its the refs fault not the French

  7. TrueLeviathan86

    look at the France, if Italy gets qualify like that u start to talk about mafia when we are 1st with all matches won!
    look at the matches! have u seen Ireland-France last day?
    If Italy was France? uh? pffffffffff

  8. TrueLeviathan86

    OH………France got another match for a goal with hand against Ireland (with Trapattoni)! they play with hand and fights…..and we are the cheaters? ahahahahahha look at the football, scotty!

  9. scottyxander

    I don’t wanna learn ur shitty language. Just stfu and stop replying. Italians are cheats END OF STORY

  10. TrueLeviathan86

    don’t learn English speaking site, learn this Italian phrase:

    in soooooooo many sports!

  11. scottyxander

    English please. This is an English speaking site. Just one thing to say. The world cup if for Athletes not cheaters!

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