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  1. positiveblackman1

    @johnchargers81 i’ve noticed that aswell…sometimes he does but its like he takes so much of the spotlight he scored lol

  2. bboyjtek

    @johnchargers81 You should see when they played against Europe XI
    He didn’t even celebrate after scoring a free kick and was just doing a cocky arm spread like he thought it was rightful for him to score lol

  3. Dummedansker

    @johnchargers81 Yes , he does. Look when some of the others scores in Real Madrid now. See the fucking games before you come here and comment.


    @johnchargers81 you are right my friend but when you see a man plays like him the only thing you say is ”oh my god”!!!! ronaldo your heart will always be red!

  5. ebradahusla

    @johnchargers81 I’ve never noticed that, but fuck that fucker, one gone one born, Chicharito ready to shut down all these other teams,

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