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  1. SuttonBluenose2

    “this guy should never play football again, he should not be on the football pitch”

    I agree Wenger, time for you to go.

  2. thearsenalboy97

    how cliche for arsenal to go on a good run and a bad injury and bad decison by the offical comes and takes it away

  3. Yobyrubhigh

    U can’t blame wenger for overreacting because it was an serious broken leg injury for Edurado, it almost cause Eduardo to lost his leg forever and when your team had a person being tackled by an opponent and had broken ur teammates or player’s leg, will you be kind to the player that tackled your team member?

  4. FootballManiac1234

    Wenger u smelly smelly paki. Errm Err He should never play football again. Fucking Twat. Happy only when it goes his way

  5. jikkh

    what wenger said shows hes got passion, id rather that than someone who showed no anger at all at his player having his legged snapped. You cant criticise him for that

  6. iancoley

    Wenger is typical french idiot, he should shut up and get out of England, we don’t need his lies and selective memory.
    Great result against arsenal, showed them up for what they really are, french whingers! And yes great to see NUFC beaten 5-1

  7. 88MagnersMan88

    Dunno about ankle breaks but Ridgewell broke his leg the other week and like Eduardo, it was an accident. I was at the Blues-Arsenal game and clapped Eduardo off because we knew it was serious. So I think I do know what I’m talking about. Wenger’s just an idiot.

  8. aashman201

    when was the last time one of your team’s players breaks his ankle. arsehole, at least know what youre talking about

  9. 88MagnersMan88

    Wenger’s just priceless. “Never play football again” LMAO. Always overreacts when accidents happen but never admits when his own players are in the wrong. Absolute prat.

  10. CJP510

    great matches, horrible what happened to Eduardo and Im so happy he’s back scoring goals 🙂 Match of the Day owns this programme

  11. 04bharuchau

    come on man u. arsenal got beat 2 times last season by united and we drew only once
    maybe these scores will remind you
    2-2 (a)
    2-1 (h)
    4-0 (h)
    get well soon eduardo

  12. podge888

    wenger apoligised to taylor for saying that. how come the video doesnt show that there was no contact when birminham ‘won’ the free kick r adebayor being fouled in the birmingham box just before ‘penalty’ is awarded against clichy arsenal were robbed of the title

  13. goonerbeagunner4life

    That ridiculous penalty decision coupled with Eduardo’s injury cost us the title.

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