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  1. LordWedgewood

    @BaldricksInferior no way, because me and plenty others would agree with you. There were far more entertaining games back then, where the away side went for victory even if it was like QPR away to Man U or something. There were far more exciting players like Cantona, Mcmanaman, Le Tissier, Ginola, Beardsley, Kanchelskis… and more great characters in general, some of which were a bit naughty yet funny to go with it… not like the petulent arrogant money takers that dominate the game today!

  2. machinakos

    @BaldricksInferior it was in uk maybe..but teams like the last 3-4 years barcelona has, 90s didnt have..You dont enjoy pes like before..Barcelona makes its better ;p

  3. GrantSoldge

    I am from Turkey, i was 15 year-old as they played. But why do I still remember goal-scorers and minutes? 🙂 An amazing game…

  4. CL6120

    Ahhh…… the memories….
    Some of the most brilliant piece of footballing skills: Asprilla nutmegging Ruddock, Ferdinand pass with with outside of his right foot to release Ginola, Asprilla’s stunning curling shot around James with outside of right foot.

    And some of the most shocking, comical defending ever, FOUR men go to mark McManaman for Fowler’s second goal. And AGAIN! four men standing around looking at Rush at the end, forgetting about Collymore.

  5. krod73cr

    @BaldricksInferior That defending looks pretty crappy, and what messi rooney and cr7 are doing its been a long time since players like that I would no way!

  6. mcsamab

    Fowler’s here in Australia as a marquee player! If he comes to play Sydney FC then I’m gonna go watch him!

  7. bazzer2828

    robbie fowler at his very best, awesome match pity the commentator sounded like he was watching sunday league


    @BaldricksInferior waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better players seem to be alot worse nowadays but paid more!

  9. totallypsycho

    lol dont forget goalkeeping!
    FOURTEEN years later, the guy who gave up 3 goals is still the starting goalkeeper for england

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