Kieron Dyer coach of Ipswich helpful for Players

Kieron Dyer reckons that some fine players are going to come out of Ipswich Academy in future.

Dyer has been working as a coach in Ipswich Academy for one year or so and he is impressed with the talents that he has seen there.

Dyer, who played for quite a few Premier League clubs including Ipswich, was speaking to a website the previous evening.

When asked what he thinks about the kids whom he is coaching right now, the 35-year old said, “I have been working with a few very special talents and I have no doubt that those kids will go on to become big players.”

“When I was 14, I did not have as much potential as these guys have at this age. Five-Six years down the line, the academy would produce some high class footballers, mark my words.”

When asked how he has felt working alongside Bryan Klug, Dyer said, “Well, he is a legend. I respect him so much and it’s been wonderful to work under him. It’s good that he came back to the club.”

Dyer himself is also a product of the Ipswich Academy and it was Klug only who had developed him in mid nineties.

Along with Dyer, some of his boyhood mates including James Scowcroft had also made it to Ipswich first team.

But of late, the story has been different. Most of the kids in Ipswich academy have failed to get selected in the club’s first team.

When being reminded of that, Dyer said, “Yes, I agree to you. Recently, not too many have made it through, but, there would be a change in the coming years. Some young guys are already leaving impression at the junior level and I am sure they would keep progressing.”

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