Kevin Nolan and Joey Barton pay tribute to Chris Hughton

Two of Newcastle’s goalscorers dedicate their three-one win more than Liverpool to their sacked ex-manager. Joey Barton focused his man-of-the-match award to Chris Hughton following Newcastle beat Liverpool 3-1. ”The king is dead, extended dwell the king,” Barton told ESPN afterwards. ”It was a challenging week. We had been all disappointed to eliminate Chris. He was a fantastic guy and everybody has said how dignified he was and how significantly of a gentleman he was. ”He’s one particular of the nice men of soccer and it really is a shame. It really is a cruel game.” Captain Kevin Nolan echoed Barton’s sentiments, incorporating: ”We ended up disappointed with what happened, no key. But we’ve obtained a fantastic dressing area and discuss of a revolt by no means entered our brain. ”We care about this club and we felt let down. But at the end of the day, they make selections and we’ve obtained to stand by them.” Usually, Pardew was just content to have received off the mark with a positive end result. ”It’s been a long two or three days,” he stated. ”It was a excellent victory and not many groups can score three versus Liverpool. ”I was pleased with the spirit. The consequence is essential due to the fact that is the business we’re in. There’s a good deal of stress on myself and the gamers produced it easy. ”I assumed the reception I got was okay. It was negative but I comprehended that. I need to make their (the supporters) believe in. ”I’m happy that I’ve had a very good response from the workplace. There was a fantastic feeling for Chris from the group and it’s tough when a new supervisor comes in under individuals
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  1. Konartwist

    @DEFINEMETALisBACK unfortunatly barton will never play for england because of his past and reputation
    even though we have players who should be in jail yet play for the country -_-

  2. Robotdrummerzzk

    @kumarshit HAHAHA. You can tell you’re about 8 because you use the word “suck”. LOL. Bad at football? He’s been Newcastle’s best player this year. He’s better than you, you ugly piece of shit. The only reason he won’t get in the England squad is because of the comments he has made about the FA and how international football works. Top guy.

  3. Robotdrummerzzk

    @19MJsPr89 He’s not a recovering alcoholic. And he’s a much improved player, there are far worse out there for making bad tackles and starting fights than Joey. He gives very good interviews as well, intelligent guy who gives a very honest outlook on things


    @wweharvey8knightharv Well done, don’t know why i bothered commenting to you, you’re like the same old inept cunts that can’t think of a good reason to hate barton apart from his past.


    @wweharvey8knightharv Hahaha, who’s been racist too?
    Fuck off you little wanker. It really sickens me that people pick up on the slightest little negative things about him, but ignore all the light shining from him.

    He’s a reformed character, a passionate and hard working player, who has had alot of bad press. Fuck lampard and gerrard, we need a real, devoted and intelligent player working in the centre of our midfield!!!

    Barton for England!

  6. 19MJsPr89

    As Barton’s a recovering alcoholic, should they really be giving him booze? that obviously never crossed their minds lol…..Nah on the real he’s a talented midfielder, actually somewhat intelligent for a player, he made some mistakes early on, then and players/supporters totally singled him out to provoke aggression, he let it get the better of him and got caught up in a vicious cycle. No one’s perfect we all do things we regret.

  7. kumarshit

    i cant agree more…wat heart cancer…let me put it this way,heart cancer,liver cancer,lung cancer,colon cancer…all the living cancer in the world that asshole must posses…as for nolan…..sigh..i dun wanna be vulgar here..but yea you get the picture….2 idiots put together = most annoying crap in the EPL!!!!!!o0o you joey bastard!

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