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  1. besly988

    Hey mate, hows it going? you like football manager games right? i found this cool one online .footy-manager com its very similar to the football manager game. check it out. its pretty cool actually.

  2. wadesocceroos

    when you watch this now and see how shit the jets and the mariners are its hard to believe they were actualy in a grand final hahah

  3. shuffle953

    people are calling the “coasties” like bogans and all may i like to say that newcastle i mean cmon ive been to newy before and it is a shit hole

  4. aektzis91

    if you played better football on the day, you wouldnt have to rely on the ref spotting a not-too-obvious handball

  5. letmebe1990

    Croud numbers afl isn’t 2 nd or 3rd for croud numbers look at European football they get about 70000+ every week and in barca they get 90000 almost every week, soccer is the most popular sport in the world

  6. TennosMovieTutorials

    Fukin We go robbed that final, fuckign referee, a dark daythat was forus mariner supporters:(

  7. piesfan3

    30 000+ crowds are you kidding me mate
    the whole a-league cant even get that when the victory doesnt play at home, and victorys highest crowd for the year is about 19 k, facts are afl averages nearly 40 000 people a game, which is 2nd or 3rd for any league any code in the world.

  8. jcarter888

    if afl is so good why is it only played in australia. the same goes for rugby league its just a rip off of rugby union. Football and Rugby Union are both better then those cheap rip offs.

  9. mooltow

    i feel sorry for the coasties… o wait no i dont bahahah way to lose two grand finals bitches

    fuck yea jets

  10. ihor69

    prove it. make a video of u Doing a backflip and kiking a ball and score a goal. go ahead. id like to see u fkn try.

  11. piesfan3

    ratings rigged? what a load of absolute shit if ive ever heard it in my life mate. Do you know that the afl has about 600 000+ members from all clubs, thats not including the many thousands of mcc members who either cant afford to pay extra for club membership (mcc is a 20 year waiting list so impossible to give up) or dont feel they need to pay there club money, just supporting them is enough.
    I love the world game, i also love afl but its a million times more popular in this country

  12. Mystify84

    AFL are cocksucking homos!
    Its just VFL…different shit goes on there…no one cares bout it!
    the ratings are RIGGED!

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