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  1. jason punshon

    Please please please tag the Newcastle career mode to my utube page as
    trying to find the new episodes is a nightmare on a tablet cheers MB

  2. DenzyFeeds

    I found the best CAM in Turkey …. I have never scoutet such a good youth
    player he is now 18 years old and 82 rated 😮 plays CAM and Wings and has 5
    star skill High/medium work rates … he’s a god !!!

  3. JpwGaming

    Hi all. I love MasterBucks’s channel. I’ve recently started a PS4 FIFA 14
    channel. I love doing YouTube, and I upload every single day at 17:00 GMT.
    My current series are, ‘Advancing with Adnan’ a series where I play with
    Adnan Januzaj, and follow his career. My other series is a Swansea City
    Career Mode, where I manage Swansea and try to build there club. I would
    love it, if you could come and take a look at this channel. I think it
    appears to most people, and will entertain you. I have nearly 400
    subscribers, which is ok, but I want to try and get as many people as
    possible watching, so if you do enjoy, please subscribe and see if we can
    hit 400 subscribers today. Thanks so much for reading, and if you do enjoy
    like, share and subscribe. No pressure however, if you don’t want to have a
    good day.

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