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  1. ZeeGooner

    haha hooligans think they are hard.. firstly almost all of them are fat, or skinny…and also have the loudest mouths on earth.. u think taking on this popular tv culture football factory bullshit makes you hard?? you are all a bunch of pussys who walk around in large groups and half the time are self determined actors.. in a real fight against someone hench you poncy hooligans would be running for your life…

  2. drsmokesweed

    what was that chant “were not from manchester but we do what we want” you fucking glory hunting bastards!

  3. ClearlyDeaf6

    Haha, they sing more before the game than they do in the game. Outsung at OT what, 6 or 7 years on the trott now?

  4. RedRamblerLAD

    United have the largest and probably most notorious firm in England, The Men in Black / Red Army. Arsenal also have a firm. Because hooliganism isnt as prolific as it once was, it still massively exists.

  5. magnetite123456789

    @qISnowmanIp Man U have no firm? Not sure where you go that idea from, they have one of the biggest these days.
    I dont know anything about Arsenal these days, I gave it all up 10 years ago now. They used to have a tidy firm years ago, I doubt all your lads have disappeared

  6. IanCTFC

    I must have missed the hooligans, or does some bloke being told off by a bint on a horse count as a hooligan these days?

  7. arsenalgoonerable


    i aint the most clued up but christ you’re absolutely fucking clueless

  8. qISnowmanIp

    im an arsenal fan and man u have no firm nor does arsenal (that are hard anyway)

    search bradford ointment, millwall, chelsea, west ham, leeds, Aberdeen ect.

  9. yallnome06

    @ooooooooooohyea exactly fifteen years ago, lower league where the best mobs are to be found now.

  10. dolphins1007

    @Kragge14 park park wherever u may be, u eat dogs in ur country, could be worse u could be scouce, eating rats in ur council house

  11. johnnyzzz231

    @Irishfianna Emigration.Big industrial cities like Manchester and Glasgow were where the work was so us Irish moved there.Then we created the clubs and it went from there mate.

  12. Irishfianna

    how come alot of manchesters football teams and all the teams around that part of england chants with the same melody as traditional irish songs mostly dublin songs

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