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  1. tunlock

    @1xXxEMOBOYxXx4 oohh thats how its gonna be so were are you from exactly, well go grow a set of balls and come say it to our faces you TWAT

  2. smokester420

    @1xXxEMOBOYxXx4 a fuckin filthy smoggie dissing geordies? hahahahahaha fuck off back to the championship m8……we should never have gone down as proven by our walk over of the championship last season

  3. wowrogue192

    Here are the simplest facts there are to know… Newcastle (Geordie): The best. Sunderland (Durty Mackems) : The worst ever. Geordie land will stay for ever. I respect all geordies. Pity to all mackems. Geordie till i die.

  4. wilkinson4eva

    @1xXxEMOBOYxXx4 IF YOU DONT LIKE OUR ACCENT THEN DONT BOTHER WATCHING VIDEOS ABOUT US! STUPID! ayeee a am a geordie lass so there! If you dont like it dont want it and go and talk to someone you like! I like my accent tbh!

  5. Nickel186


    Oi, no reason to get racist u dirty non-Geordie 😛

    Oh, and don’t even class us in the same sentence as those fucking mackems!

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