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  1. JackEssAyeeee

    I Support Newcastle But That Goal Was Brilliant And That Little Flick Was Just One Brilliant Piece Of Football 😀

  2. TAdave87

    Wonderful goal ! Hydro your the only “muppit” here. Do you speak to people like that in real life ? I’d tie a knot in you you skinny hoodie cunt !

  3. Hydro2oo6

    get a fuckin grip, how old are u? 10? 11? it would even be sad at that age, get a life u fuckin muppit, get a bird or summet

  4. aliheefteensnor88

    now if you started reading this dontstop its really scary! ok send this to five other videos in 143 minutes.When you are done press F6 and your crushes name will apear on the screen in big letters this is weird because it does work.If you break this chance you wont have a crush in the next five years

  5. creamofcardstv

    Your video clip is great and I’ve rated you as awesome. Please see my video clip on some 1930’s tobacco cards of association football cup winners from 1880-1929.

  6. KLUIVERT1986

    the defender of newcastle is dabizas…
    he is greek(just like me)…i hate him though..
    he is still searching for the ball…

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