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  1. rjgriffiths26

    Some player – great balance, pace, dribbling and shooting ability with both feet. from a Liverpool fan.

  2. warpfield98

    im angry with gerard houllier for publicly blaming Ginola for the defeat against Bulgaria. as a manager you should never single out one of your own players for any defeat. it wasn’t Ginola’s fault it was, it was France’s crap defense that couldn’t deal with it.

  3. porto2k8

    @wuntun17 : thanks for the song info, really appreciate it.

    Totally agree with you regarding that imbecile ruining David’s career.
    With your country wining the World and Euro Cups during your peak career years has to hurt a lot.

    I just wish he signed for Spurs sooner. As testament to his sublime skills it took Spurs a decade to replace him.

  4. christinayan01

    Hi, thanks for your message.
    sorry, I didn’t have the goal which you said.
    but, I would like to watch that goal.

  5. Bumblebee2k9

    Hey Christinayan01. Thanks for the upload in HD! However, you don’t have Ginola’s goal in Europe (Ferencvaros?), it was, in my opinion his second best goal, after the barnsley goal. Please can you include that in the compilation!

    Ginola was the best foreign player to have played in the premiership in my opinion

  6. wuntun17

    my all time fav player…can’t believe Houllier ruined his career in france after a mistake for the NT, ligue 1’s loss was the premierships gain!
    the song is: Benjamin Biolay – Les Cerfs-Volants

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