Coming home Newcastle (with lyrics)

Want a tune? Sub and deliver iz a message on youtube with your e-mail handle and you’ll get it in 24 Hours Coming property Newcastle song wih lyrics for geordies away from residence and geordies that nevertheless stay in the TOON, also for follow TOON supports that are not from Newcastle. The Photograph of St James’ Park in the track record is off my phone from my time ticket view, It was at the Liverpool match from the 08-09 season in which we have been thumbed five-1 Ronnie Lambert (Busker) wrote and sang this song but unfortunately Ronnie lost his existence at the age of 58
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  1. kelborn3

    What better song to hear today after the epic draw vs arsenal yesterday.Toons For Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. zCBaLL

    Great song. Newcastle and Glasgow rangers -3 I’m from Glasgow n Newcastle have always been my English team. Fuck the S.M.B

  3. uBo112

    @TheMagpieGeordie Hwo, im sorry i forgot his name, lets just call him Judas, that way we know hwo we are talking about!

    Onley one real #9!

  4. metaluk72

    Toon Army 4eva! Thanks for posting 5 stars! RIP Sir Bobby Robson! I supported the toon since i was a bairn!

  5. athull08

    To people who’ve never been to St James’ –

    The picture on this vid makes the ground look much smaller than it really is! That’s because the ground is very lopsided, with two massive stands where the camera is.

    It was the 2nd biggest league ground in England, before the Emirates was built!

  6. Habesh

    @Toonlad14 u can come from the moon and b a Ajax ore Newcastle fan and support,,,,it’s not the name of the city that mean u need to support the team

  7. LxExMxOxN

    @krosecooper Not being mean but the term to be a geordie at heart means you have to be born in the swell of the tyne.
    Otherwise you are a Newcastle supporter.

  8. oFuzzyHDx

    We are the geordies the geordie boot boys and we are mental and we are mad we are the lloylist football supportors the world has ever had

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