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    @CabLuigi PRICELESS… ask for evidence about historical attendance figures, but when they prove you wrong you dismiss them as “rooted in the past”…that’s the very essence of “history you arse! As for popularity and number of fans well, at the risk of repeating myself, but in the hope of something sinking in to the lump you call a head…..I don’t give a shit if I’m the only fan at The Bridge and the whole fucking world hates me……you’re the one that seeks security in numbers not me.

  2. CabLuigi

    @NYJALB Well, that is ambiguous… and a lot of your facts seem to be rooted in the past. As for in the PRESENT, all I know is that with a tenth of your clubs finances, Newcastle continue to beat Chelsea in terms of attendances, passion, and I’m sure popularity with opposing clubs fans 🙂


    i QUOTE “well historically we’re the 5th best supported club in English history…also got the highest ever recorded attendance for a home league game”..note the word English and the subsequent reference to the highest attendance, but please accept my sincerest apologies for not allowing for the fact that you were to thick to follow the thread!

    Christ it’s hard work!!


    1992/1993 Division One (New) 1(C) 29,048
    1991/1992 Division Two (Old) 20 21,012
    1990/1991 Division Two (Old) 11 16,879
    1989/1990 Division Two (Old) 3 21,579
    1988/1989 Division One (Old) 20(R) 22,815
    1987/1988 Division One (Old) 8 21,059
    1986/1987 Division One (Old) 17 24,792
    1985/1986 Division One (Old) 11 23,434
    1984/1985 Division One (Old) 14 26,228
    1983/1984 Division Two (Old) 3(P) 29,881
    hardly hundreds of years ago is it you plank (ps, the league only started in 1888)

  5. CabLuigi

    @NYJALB “Highest in England?” I don’t know why you quote yourself on that because you never once typed it! You said the “highest in a home league game.” Good try though. And are you actually thick? You drag out averages using information from hundreds of years ago? I’m talking about now you idiot. When Newcaslte were going through a bad phase, we still had an average attendance of above 45,000 in the Championship. That would not happen with glory seeking, fickle Chelsea fans, don’t kid yourself.


    @CabLuigi I said the highest in England you in-bred moron…..isn’t there a grown up with you that can read properly!!

    And you have picked out one season for Newcastle , I was referring to overall averages in the secopnd division..check your facts, read the posts, drop the dogma and come back and have another go!

  7. LewisStratford115

    @NYJALB Well so what I am protective of Newcastle, people from other parts of the country wouldn’t understand… To be honest I only believe us up north know how it feels to love your city so much… Newcastle, Sunderland, Liverpool, Stoke… four best groups of supporters in the Premiership all up north? 🙂

  8. CabLuigi

    @NYJALB Wow, what a lie!! 22,000?? Newcastle averaged above 45,000 fans in the Championship 2 years ago! Stop making up statistics, it just devalues the already bullshit point that you are trying to make. And you think Chelsea have the highest ever attendance for a home game??? With 80,000? Hahaha Barcelona, Madrid, Milan etc average more that that every week! Stop making stuff up you glory hunting moron!


    @LewisStratford115..JEEZO, Talk about physician heal thyself…”why do you have to put us down?”…the whole fekking page is dedicated to putting Chelsea down mate……Christ all mighty, this must be what pergatory will be like….doomed to spend all eternity having a battle of wits with unarmed men!!

  10. NYJALB

    @CabLuigi SPOOKYy, because I noticed how you ignored the proof of the record attendance you asked for. I also clearly referred you to independant proof that I preferred it when we were shit so how that makes me a glory hunter only the son of a buck toothed redundant pit pony and his bandy legged bitch could explain, so it’s your move numb nuts!

    ps NUFC average attendance in the Championship/Div 2 circa 22,000 average PL attendance circa 50,000, so remind me again, who’s the glory hunters?

  11. CabLuigi

    @NYJALB Love how you don’t even deny that you’re a glory hunter! You’re such a moron, I assumed that you would fuck off, seeing as this video shows NEWCASTLE FANS, out singing the prawn sandwich brigade AKA your fans.

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