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  1. lfcserg

    pilottrist we can’t forget what torres has done for us, the reason scousers hate him is because we loved him so much

  2. MrElio94

    his coach at newcastle said that he will become the best header in the history of football … i think he was right

  3. Beatdown2k8

    @jameswilson11111 what about tiote then XD!

    Nah I don’t want us to be someone who bleed you dry of your quality. Although I think you have a good new policy going on. Can’t see ben arfa,tiote,enrique staying for very long but you’ll be guarenteed another 60m from that on top of the 35m for carroll. If fat mike puts the money back in you can hopefully get back to where you were 8 years back under sir bobby.

  4. mi5hell

    andy carroll is gonna be a pool legend i’m no fan of the reds but carroll is an awsome player and i reckon he’s worth more than torres, its not like the guy was top scorer he’s a lazy forward whereas carroll gives his all each and every game, mark my words he’ll be liverpool’s top scorer and will score more than torres ever did.

  5. jameswilson11111

    Why did the toon have to sell him, its fn stupid.
    and liverpool you can F off if you think yous are having jose enrique!

  6. calumstarkey

    @DTsHere Andy Carroll does NOT have 2 and a half years experience in the Premier League. If you take this season out of it, he’s only played 22 games in the top flight, and 17 of those came as a sub! He did half-decent at Championship level, and he’s done great for 6 months this season. It does not mean he’s worth £35mil+! Wayne Rooney cost £20mil up front, and he was 18 and the hottest young player in the world. There’s talk of Fabregas going to Barcelona for £35mil! He’s twice the player.

  7. DTsHere

    @calumstarkey Two years and 6 months in the Premier League actually. I agree that the fee was excessive but transfer fee aside, I think he’s got a hell of a player. No defence has handled him well all season, and I think he’ll be playing up front for England for many years. Transfer fees in football will just get crazier and crazier.

  8. calumstarkey

    @adamdwheeler I disregard Ronaldo’s goal as it was nothing, and un-needed. Andy Carroll is a decent prospect, but Liverpool are paying £35mil for a 22 year old with basically 6 months experience in the Premier League. Man Utd signed Alan Smith for £7mil, at age 23, and he’d been playing consistently in the top flight for 6 years. Jermain Defoe cost Spurs £6mil at 21. Michael Owen cost Real Madrid £8mil at 24, and he’d won the Ballon d’Or! Carroll will never live up to that price tag.

  9. adamdwheeler

    @calumstarkey Ronaldo did net in the world cup. Was in the 7-0 rout over North Korea. And Suarez is a top drawer player, no doubt about that.

  10. calumstarkey

    @SirBassline Suarez didn’t rip up anything. He scored against South Korea and Mexico. Wow. And if you are using the 2010 World Cup as some sort of meter for how good a footballer is, then you are the retarded one. Lionel Messi is the best footballer in the world, no goals. Kaka? No goals. Ronaldo? No goals. Rooney? Drogba? Torres? Xavi? No goals. World Cups mean nothing when it comes to player ability, look at El-Hadji Diouf, Kleberson and Nicky Butt.

  11. 03neilcl

    dis lad is gunna be a monster for uz and luis suarez top goal scorer for the boyz nxt season u erd it ere first

  12. SirBassline

    @calumstarkey you are a retard. so suarez ripping up the world cup means nothing? u gunna just overlook that in your attempt to sound smart?

  13. joshtoddification

    You have just ripped off the Carroll’s premiership goals video and added stupid music. Well done.

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